UL power cord automotive electronic wire processing production process



UL power cord automotive electronic wire processing production process

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The UL power cord manufacturer introduces you: the automotive electronic line follows the people's promotion of comfort, economy and safety conditions, and the types of electronic products on the car are also increasing. The electronic wire of the automobile is becoming more and more complicated. The rate is also increased accordingly. This is a condition for promoting the reliability and durability of electronic wires. Many people are interested in the manufacturing process and production of automotive electronic wires. Here, Haozhi Electronics makes a simple study on the manufacturing process and production of automotive electronic wires. Description, you only need to take a few minutes to browse, you can get to know.
In the future, the two-dimensional product drawings of the automotive electronic line will be arranged, and the manufacturing process of the electronic line will be arranged. The manufacturing process is inseparable from the production. Therefore, the author connects the production and manufacturing processes of the automotive electronic line. analysis.
The first station for the production of automotive electronics is the open line manufacturing process. The accuracy of the open-line manufacturing process is directly related to the overall production schedule. Once the performance is indicated, especially the short opening size, it will cause the rework of all the stations, which will take time and effort to interfere with the production efficiency. Therefore, in the preparation of the open-line manufacturing process, it is necessary to fix the wire opening size and the peeling size of the wire according to the conditions of the drawing.
The second station after the wire is opened is the crimping manufacturing process, the car electronic wire is criticized by the terminal type of the drawing conditions, and the crimping parameter is manufactured, and the crimping execution statement is produced, which is necessary for the manufacturing process document. Indicate and train the executive. For example, some wires must pass through the sheath before they can be crimped. It is necessary to pre-install the wires and finally re-press from the pre-installation station; and the puncture-type crimping uses special crimping software. The crimping method has excellent contact function.
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