Single wire requirement for copper wire in power cord



Single wire requirement for copper wire in power cord

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1.1要求:电源线铜单线直径应符合工艺要求 1.2检验方法:用0~25mm刻度为0.01mm的杠杆千分尺检测铜单线直径。2印字耐擦 2.1要求:印字应清楚牢固,经过耐擦试验后字迹仍应清晰可辨。 2.2检验方法:用一团浸水脱脂棉或一块棉布轻轻擦拭10次后,目测检查。3.3  绝缘厚度、护套厚度 3.1要求:绝缘厚度、护套厚度应符合工艺卡要求。 3.2检验方法:将绝缘及护套切成薄片,放入投影仪测量。 
1.1 Requirements: The diameter of the copper wire of the power cord should meet the process requirements.
1.2 Inspection method: The diameter of the copper single wire is detected by a lever micrometer with a scale of 0 to 25 mm and a diameter of 0.01 mm. 2 printing rubbing
2.1 Requirements: The printing should be clear and firm, and the writing should still be legible after the abrasion resistance test.
2.2 Inspection method: After gently wiping with a group of soaked cotton or a cotton cloth for 10 times, visual inspection.
3.3 Insulation thickness, sheath thickness
3.1 Requirements: The insulation thickness and sheath thickness should meet the requirements of the process card.
3.2 Inspection method: Cut the insulation and sheath into thin slices and measure them in the projector.
4 voltage test
4.1 Requirements:
a SPT, SJT, SVT type finished wire and cable power cord plug should be subjected to 1500V 50HZ AC voltage test for 1min without breakdown phenomenon;
b ST type 18AWG ~ 15AWG finished cable should be subjected to 2000V 50HZ AC voltage test 14AWG ~ 10AWG finished cable should be subjected to 3000V50HZ AC voltage test, the time is 1min., no breakdown phenomenon;
c 227IEC02 (RV) type cable shall be subjected to 2500V 50HZ AC voltage test for 5 min without breakdown phenomenon;
d Other types of finished wire and cable shall be subjected to 2000V 50HZ AC voltage test for 5 minutes without breakdown phenomenon;
3.4.2 Inspection method: The test shall be carried out according to the provisions of Article 3 of GB5023.2 "PVC insulated cables of rated voltage 450/750V and below Part 2: Test methods".
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