How to use the switch socket is not a stealth killer in the power supply line



How to use the switch socket is not a stealth killer in the power supply line

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随看大量冰箱电器的广泛使用,家中所要安装开关插座的数量也已经增加很多。但是若有不当安装方式,即将成为埋藏于墙壁中的隐形爆炸源。去年有关人员对开关插座的安全使用做了一份详细的调查数据表明,对于近10年所出现火灾伤害中,因为开关插座短路的原因引发一系列火灾,创历史新高点,是目前我国家庭火灾最大隐患之一。安装的开关插座位置偏低会不会有影响? 有一部分家庭在使用开关插座时,总认为安装太高会不够大气美观,所
With the extensive use of a large number of refrigerator appliances, the number of switch sockets to be installed in the home has also increased a lot. However, if there is improper installation, it will become an invisible source of explosion buried in the wall. Last year, the relevant personnel conducted a detailed survey data on the safe use of the switch socket. It shows that for the fire damage in the past 10 years, a series of fires caused by the short circuit of the switch socket, a record high, is the current domestic fire in China. One of the biggest hidden dangers.
Will the installed switch socket position be low?
When some households use switch sockets, they always think that the installation is too high and it will not be beautiful enough, so the electrician should be installed in a hidden low position during installation, but Xiaobian reminds everyone that such installation is bad, if it is When you clean the mopping floor, splashing water into the hole of the socket will cause multiple electric leakage accidents. It is stipulated in the line that the installed wall-mounted socket must be 1.8 meters away from the ground, and the concealed switch socket should not be as low as 0.3 meters from the ground. The switch socket of the kitchen should be installed at a height of more than 1.5 meters from the ground. More than 2 meters from the ground.
Can the wire be installed freely when the switch is installed in the bedroom?
In response to this problem, the editor reviewed a large amount of information last night. The power supply wires must be cross-sectioned with copper wires. Most wiring personnel will use the method of laying the buried wire and the hidden pipe. If it is installed, it is a poor-quality aluminum wire. It is recommended to give up this, because the aluminum wire is easier to oxidize than the copper wire, such wiring will be easy to fire, the electrical fire incidence will be closer and closer, and the wiring personnel are reminded to carefully operate according to the standard, such as the fire line must enter Switch, the zero wire must enter the lamp head "wiring principle, and the switch socket should be equipped with a leakage protector.
Is there a protective measure for the kitchen bathroom switch socket?
My answer is that there must be protective measures, because there is a large amount of water and oil in the kitchen and bathroom, so the anti-cover or plastic baffle should be installed on the switch socket, so as to prevent the water from being carried out and prevent the smoke from being corroded. . Parents who have small babies at home should use the safety switch of the safety cover so that even if the baby touches with a finger or inserts a metal into the hole, there is no need to worry about the danger.
Remember that some decoration companies will deliberately save labor when they help you install the socket, and save the safe ground line layout to make it look like a dummy. What is even more irritating is that someone directly connects it to the gas pipe. The safety method is particularly dangerous and can result in electric shock to the user due to electrical leakage.
Can a microwave oven and air conditioner refrigerator use the same socket?
This use will overload the appliance, it will easily cause the wire to be hot and leaking, causing a large area of ​​fire. It is recommended that the air conditioner be installed with a separate three-hole socket. The washing machine and the refrigerator should also have separate sockets. For example, the bedroom should be installed with four sockets. The switch socket can adopt 2 circuits, the kitchen and the toilet are a circuit, and the electrical equipment such as the air conditioner washing machine uses a single circuit, so that the switch socket will not become an invisible killer in the power supply line.
If you have a lot of questions about this content, I suggest you read how to use the switch socket safely, which can help you enrich your extracurricular knowledge.
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